Today I cut my hair. Because of the California's sunshine and changing the water, my hair is kind of died. I requested to cut my hair to my hairstylist and she accepted.

During she cut my hair, I read Japanese fashion magazine. Totally different from American one. Japanese one closes up models, not clithes, accessories, hairstyles. They also pick up reader's voice, such as marriage, giving birth, divorce, work, health and something like that.
When I was in Japan, I accepted all of them and I was kind of harry to get marry. I was harry for changing my job, changing my situation, changing myself. I really hated myself sometimes. Even though I tried hard, sometimes I can't change anything. At that time I feel I'm powerless and kind of waste. Can't explain well but I really hated something but I didn't know what I really hate.
After I went to America and spent 3 monthes there, I realized no magazines make us harry. They just provide fashion, hairstyle and accessories. American people seem really enjoy their lives.

Can't say to Japanese people"we should enjoy our lives as Americans" because our cultures, situations, nationality are different. But after I went to America and stayed 3 monthes, I realized that difference.



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